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Confira a Letra Chavez



Brother, were you the next in line?
I hope you saw your signs
for what has happened and for what is yet to come
So, Don't be, Afraid of this
I Bleed For You
(Are you ready to remove your pity) X8 in background
I Bleed For You
Search deep within yourself,
and do not look for your good deeds
They do not matter here
The debt must still be cleared
So Don't be, Afraid of this
I Bleed For You
I Bleed For You
So Long, I'll see you again
And I would Love, to set you free
And let you fly far, away from me
but I can't show you my love
any other way,
my love
you will learn to love this
So come, all the way in, and come, and
It's all up to, I come before you
I do not know you, yet I love you