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Confira a Letra Hold



See the back of a running train
The engine of the head is bleeding
The ladder is slowly draining it
From all of it's feeling
Open up the hated one
Pull it back as far as you can
Reach inside and take what I give to you
A product of this land
Still I'm held by this feeling
Broken back that I'm feeling
Still I'm held by this feeling
You're the last thing I'm seeing
I didn't think It was X4
Screaming now ?Yet I
Want to go ?And I
See the end ?And I
Wait to be there with you
Far from my eyes, yet I see
Where the snake has led them to
Never thought it would last this long
That I would see this through
I wait for something I know will come
My fears are swallowed I secome
Above all I wish everyone would know
The need not be alone
Back to what's real, not what was heard. I really think that it was all too distant in my mind.
to think about the things that it implies. About my life and your
Life, so I look to the skies.
Did you really think that you were something different. Getting in my way to refrain my
Mind from the truth. A blue sky and now I'm pulled through. Good thing I didn't have to listen to you.
I didn't think it was. X8
Freezing now ?Yet I
Want to go ?And I
See the end ?And I
Wait to be there with you