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Confira a Letra Set Sail, Armada

Dream On, Dreamer

Set Sail, Armada

Sleepless nights speak to me
With your voice running in my ear
I'll separate my mind from this world
I can't sleep.

Where are those hands i always used to hold on to?
Those eyes my day understood to start smiling.
(sleepless nights speak to me
With your voice ringing in my ear
Separate my mind from this world
Let me sleep)
I painted these walls because i knew you would be here,
Walk across my quill and see yourself reflected
In those lights.

I'm scared to close my eyes
And see the same things again.
The sun will not smile this time.
The sun will never smile again!

I'm sick of hunting pirates who brought my ships to sink.
Will you sink with me?

Why do i still grab on to your wisdom.
Still look for answers no giant could ever give me.

I will again wake up with the melody of devotion,
All the songs we put on repeat.

I don't want to see those houses vacant!

Just wait until seasons change and the sun will start smiling again.

Don't you believe in me?
Don't you? i believe in myself..
Don't you believe in me?
Will this ever end?

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