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Confira a Letra Loveless

Sometimes I feel like I've been parting away
With this so called world that has been fallen asleep
Inside me, I can hear the voices, I can hear them calling
Every time I look death right in the eyes
I see my fears crawl back to life
From the out do nothing is show. All love, all hope is gone

If you were missing me I'll try to stay alone
If your soul is free will it ever find a home?
If you were missing me I'll try to stay alone

My state of insecurity has pulled me into darkness
All you need is integrity and a life for the loveless
This is the sound of the Loveless. Can you hear it?
Accept the warmth of the Loveless. Can you feel it?
There're doorways waiting for you I want you to hear this my friend
Step into the moment of truth

Lets rise back up again
Lets rise back up again

Your mind will lead the way