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Confira a Letra Nonstop



I don't ever pass the blunt
This ain't no track meet
My bitch got shotgun
Put that nigga in the back seat
They tryna be like me
I think somebody hacked me
Who talking rap beef?
I killed them all by track three

They'll tell you dreaming ain't possible
And start pinching you but not pitching in
And I would tell you who the dopest is
But the feds probably out listening
Niggas money short as my attention span
I don't see nobody, got a different lens
Put the bait out and wait out
They bite the flow
I reel them in like fishermen

I'm a green lover when it come to money
But I burn trees like an arsonist
Get my medication from the pharmacist
You could leave that shake for the Parkinson's
Need a blunt rolled with my butt rubbed
From a young thug like Barter 6
Niggas act tough, get you fucked up
Now I'm back riding to Tha Carter IV

On Sunset swerving
Hella deep, got 'em nervous
Tease a nigga on purpose
I can be pitching how I be curving
Gotta head full of raps
Might as well walk around with a turban
Yo niggas like Lions on the Wiz
And ain't nan one got courage

All this gold on me
I'm thinking I just hit the jackpot
Stepping in Givenchy, feeling bitchy
With my hat cocked

'Bout to tell yo nigga, get a grip
He got the trap hot
Tried to put him on the team
He rather be a mascot
Don't look back, we ahead of ya
Middle fingers to the editors
I'm a predator, what competitors?

Wanna battle, gotta be better first
Got my toes done, I'm still a road runner
From the real estate, like a home hunter
If a bitch try to call me out
Then I'm knowing that she got the wrong number

Got picked up in a Rolls Royce
And the neighbors tried to call Ghostbusters
Ran in my ex 'bout a week ago

And I swear to God he was so busted
Yo last video looked good
But the song weak and it's no numbers
How we finna heat up on bitches?
I'm not here to fuck around and beat no summer

(Let's get it)
I don't get the hype that got you people all excited
I'm a walking knot, make a nigga wanna tie it
It's all about how you talk, might turn yo fan into a client
Told them Imma feed the streets
I know the real ain't gon deny it
It's a party but it's private, you are not invited

They say since when you switched it up?
I say I just decided
I really live this life
Don't need nobody else to write it
Niggas swearing that they fly
I guess somebody shot the pilot

Fuck a Benz, I need that Lambo
Yeah, I got that ammo
I promise niggas won't get cleared like a sample
Made it to the hills
When my niggas still in a Bando
I'm so sick, I'm sipping Campbell's
Hate to watch and flip the channel
They say X will mark the spot
I signed the line and got that treasure
Finessed him out his plugs
I put business over pleasure
They tell me they opinions
I don't listen, fuck a lecture
I keep twenty on the dresser
Know these bitches feel the pressure