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Confira a Letra Love Down Low

Drew Seeley

Love Down Low

No my friends can't control their eyes, uh uh
Think I'm the luckiest man alive
So did I, thought you were oooh too good to be true
And I might have been right, now I see the clues
Won't take my hand, and till you've looked around
You always say Keep your whispers down
When we're out, turn into some-one I don't even know
And then it's back to you when we're all alone

Trying to give you the benefit of the doubt
But am I a secret you don't want to let out?

Some kind of love down low
why stick around here
If you care who knows
Now tell me why you wanna
Make (such ) a fuss, if it's just bout us
Can't take this touch and go
You can keep your 'love down low'
If you wanna keep your love down low

Don't need to go and tat my name on your back
Ain't gotta go and write our names in the sky
But I, I'm not a fool so don't argue the fact
You got two sides, you're jeykll & hyde

So Why -If there's nothing to worry about
Am I a secret you don't wanna let out?

Now we're way past too late
What we had feels thin and fake
I just give and you just take
Everything we've built is bout to break
If all you want is..