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Confira a Letra Let It Go!

Drew Seeley

Let It Go!

Standing outside in some line just trying to get in
Thinking of a girl that i'd rather be forgetting
Velvet rope, id check, i'm 'bout to step in
Just then, my night turns around like in a second
Cause who's that on the floor, she's a superstar

I've seen you here before, don't know who you are
You're a dangerous distraction, yes i'm askin'
What if we forget 'bout consequence?

Cause you got me drunk with confidence
And we could just
Let it go, let it go, feel the flashing lights
Bring your body in close, when it feels this right

Let it go, let it go, let me hold you tight
Tonight, tonight
Suddenly the lights, the beat just fade away
It's only you and me surrendering to this crazy energy
Can you feel it, it's electric, we're inexplicably connected
You put everything outta my mind

Cause what we got got got is hot hot hotter than a remix, remix, remix
Know a spot spot spot we wont get caught caught
No i never been this, been this bold but baby we should let it go!
Take what you want cause i got what you need
We don't have to define what it is, what it means

I'll just hold onto you baby hold onto me tonight tonight tonight
You can take what you want cause i got what you need
Tell your girls they can go you'll be leaving with me
We can circle the moon, stars, the far galaxies tonight tonight tonight