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Confira a Letra Tails Facing Up

Drive By Truckers

Tails Facing Up

Me and my brother's old lady went out and got stinking,
She solved her curiosities about me by the railroad tracks.
She said i reminded her of him before he started drinking
And banging the babysitter every time she turned her back. i
We opened up the sunroof and smoked a big ole joint
And drank a case of pabst blue ribbon listening to the crickets and trains.
Every so often she'd lapse into narcotic rambling.
Moon and mascara. i've always been a holy terror.
Temptations lurking every where. if your mind's in the gutter, beware!
You'll find me there.
Me and a friend were talking after the funeral.
She said it should have been me but i'm still around and i been so wild,
I'm surprised i made it to the seventh grade, and all my dead friends have settled down.
My eyes were puffy and she asked if i'd been crying.
I said 'tears are for pussies' but who was i kidding.
So we stopped at the bar and drank them dry. beer and tequila.
I've always been a thrill seeker. but thrills are a dime a dozen these days.
And i found a dime in the gutter today. tails facing up. still fucking up. still fucking up.
A funny thing happened on my way to a strange way of thinking.

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