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Confira a Letra Stalker (translation)


Stalker (translation)

Tonight the skies are filled with stars
In my eyes, she keeps flickering in front of me
I am curious to what my pretty girl is doing
As a habit, I make a phone call to you
I press your number and the phone rings and rings again
I can't listen to your voice and Im getting more and more worried
oh my crazy
Are you somewhere else, with someone else tonight?
Oh please dont do this, dont do this dirty
You are still my babe
Dont avoid me, if you do then its dirty crazy
I look for you tonight, I am wandering around places
Please don't play games with me, dont avoide and hide from me
(1 2 3 just look at me oh babe)
(One two three, please look at me)

With an anxious heart, I rang the bell
You come out, holding someone elses hand
You affectionately embrace him
And you annoyingly look at me as if asking why i even came
I was so shocked, I slammed the door and came out babe
This cant be happening, this makes no sense
You shouldn't have let me go like this,
Lets see what happens, I wont leave you alone
I will wait for you in front of your house
dirty my crazy
Dont ever appear in front of my eyes,
I never want to see you again
I dont want to leave you alone, dont appear in front of me
Why do you hate me? dity babe
Look, dirty crazy
Listen, Miss crazy
Do you think you'll live well? dirty babe Miss crazy
I will give to you as much as you gave to me
I wont ever let you go easily

In front of your house, yeah babe, Im waiting for you
In front of your house, yea come on babe
I wait for you every night

Why, are you scared of me now?
Is it hard to come outside?
Are you afraid of me now?
If you appear in my eyes, I will break you
I will go back, but I will return tomorrow

You thought I left right?
Dont appear in front of my eyes
You are a real dirty bitch dirty babe
You are really dirty
You make me lose my appetite dirty crazy
My suckass life, I will make you pay
I wont ever let you go easily
You are really miss crazy
Im mr. crazy