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Confira a Letra The Rain That Fell From Heaven (translation)


The Rain That Fell From Heaven (translation)

Life has become a burden from a time I don't know
Pressing down my feelings into a corner by coming with a meaning
It's the time when I long for you and lose my breath
Inside my heart, only your jasmine scent is left
I regret to the end that I couldn't keep you from leaving

Even if I look around, there's no one by my side even in the morning
Only the cigarette smoke has remained my friend
And it tries to chew out the past times I had with you
The same days, the same life, inside the repeating sadness
Even my gathered tears leave far away

For you, I haven't forgotten; for you, I took care of me
I live by depending on the thoughts that live in my heart

I saw you, promising that you wouldn't lose, I saw you
Hiding behind a pole and calling a little child
I saw a woman so different from your appearance
The child sleeping on your bruised, tired legs
With your dry hands, wrinkled eyes, and hair that no longer splits

Everything is wrapped in an old, worn out raincoat
The sorrow from your hard life remains deeply in my heart
But if I could hold you just one more time
Just one more time…

For you, I endured; For you, I waited
With the belief that you would come back with tired love

Is it the last time I'll leave the disappearing you?
The painful farewell that I couldn't say
I erased the desire of being in your arms
I won't try to find you ever again
Even if you shout really loud,
I can't hear because of the loud rain

Time passed me by; temptation passed me by
But for you, I stayed alone at that place… For love…

Like I lived for you, I'll pray for you
Like I let go for you, now for me, come back