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Confira a Letra Bliss In Darkness


Bliss In Darkness

I wake up this morning
I don’t know where I’ve been
Yesterday or the last couple of days

Is it winter, is it fall?
What’s the difference after all
All I have now in my mind
Is the remnant of your crime

I am blind
A ghost without compassion
Who has lost all safe directions

You stole what’s mine
An innocent redeemer
And now there’s just blind avengers

Silently I carry on
While justice isn’t really done
Blurry memories in front of me

I want to scream, even to die
Unable to hate you as I want
All my nights now you will haunt
Keeping my scars open wide

Useless was this loss, culprits there were lots
But the thing that hurts more
Is that the good ones followed you into the windings of downfall

Do I truly want you to die?
Now that I can’t even cry
I’m not God nor are the others
Rest in peace my blind avengers