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Confira a Letra Time Of Decay


Time Of Decay

Since when do you fall?
How old is your misery?
Count all your walls
Are they closing in?

Time of decay
Feel your mind
Fading in gray

Line of descent
Bound to die
Without knowing it

Time will slay
Lead astray
All your days will run away
You’ve been dying ever since you walked in the shade

Time of decay!
Fading in gray!

Lost in your own age
Everlasting but undone
Trapped in the cage
You wanted to run from

Time of decay
In your mind
You’re still afraid

Hope to remain
Try to care
And see yourself fail

Time to decide
If you want to live
Before you die

All your past will fade out
Whatever plea you shout
You are not here to stay
Meet your time of decay