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Confira a Letra See Spot Run


See Spot Run

See spot run
The roads are too cold for a little one
I watch the leaves fall
The aching trees look alone here

Me, dot, crumb,
I breathe a breath on the window
A picture fading fast
Vapor airplane goes nowhere

See spot run

Take me home,
Where ocean roams,
Where waters foam
Thick in the sand
For i have known for two years now,
I’m too stiff from this northern snow,

Memories in time,
Mother once stitched my clothes
And the shore, so divine,
Sun dance fed me color

Now, the paint on my walls,
Stark white and saying nothing,
I remember back home
Rooms spoke for eternity

See spot run

Take me home,
Where water roams,
Where ocean foams
Thick in the sand
Though i have grown for two years now,
I’m too stiff from this northern snow

See spot home
The light still left on for little one
Mother left soup on the stove
My bed still made from long ago