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Confira a Letra Nothing to Worry About


Nothing to Worry About

I feel like I should tell you
Not to worry
Just believe me
When I tell you I'm okay
Cos I don't want to bore you
And most of the time
I'm just mildly under the weather
Nothing to worry about anyway

My mind is not predictable
Don't worry
I'm not violent
When I'm sober at least
Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I
Just want to die
It's an honest to god close to
Attempted suicidal feeling

And I
Don't want to burden you with
The knowledge that maybe
I'd pluck up the courage
Because the feeling's too short lived
For me to try

I'm always bringing myself down
Out of habit
I can't deal with being
Happy all the time
So I'll find something to criticise
Like the state of my room
Or how I'm not quite where I want to be
Even if I'm getting closer every day

I feel like shit, but I won't say
What's the use?
When you're a hundred miles
Of telegraph poles away
So if anybody asks
I'll tell them I'm fine
Cause I know I'd never pluck up the courage,
Nothing to worry about

But I
Can't seem to keep on top of
The knowledge that maybe
I could end this struggle
And I don't know what I want you to do

Well I'm
Sorry to burden you with
The knowledge that maybe
I'll pluck the courage
I just thought that you'd like to know