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Confira a Letra In The Dark


In The Dark

"Roaming in the dark again
Searching for the source of might"
Hey, tormentor! Give me pain
Fuel for rebellious mind
"Rushing through the labyrinth
Trying to break through the walls"
Living in chaos, living in filth
How to avoid all pits and holes?

Somebody says I am insane
Somebody builds me cenotaph
Hey, ripper! Cut my veins again
Now I want war, time passed for love

"Hiding wounds of cruel games
Scars and sorrows of all kinds"
Hey, believer! Start to pray
Time has come to choose your side
"Climbing high and falling down
Gathering pieces of my soul"
To stop the engine of my heart
It must be something more than fall

And even if I can not win
And if my fire is just a spark
I'll go through all the blackest spheres
To see the rainbow in the dark