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Confira a Letra Yall Smoke Weed Overthere?


Yall Smoke Weed Overthere?

Let me get some smoke, man
Where the weed at?
Da Mann
Put in the air
Uh-huh, heb's uhe
Heb's uhe
Yeah, NY
Got my peeps from Zurich up in here
Ganz' Crew
Yeah, let's blow somethin
Roll up somethin
Hold it up
Hold it up
Shoot the gift
Turn my mic up

Yeah, champion sound, number one sound
Rock from out of state and all the way to Bucktown
Throw down, some clowns wanna be like us
Hold pounds, smoke pounds, go round, showdowns
Smif-n-Wessun 'bout to blow now
Explode now, get dough, rip shows now
Hit hoes now, switch profile
Go wild like _Wildstyle_
Line MC's up single file
Gunnin em down

Es isch de lyrisch Gstank-Ton, tüüf wie Plankton
En teil stresse d'Belle wie Gaston
Bis Lucky, ich d'Brüeder Dalton
Wil wänn's mi biist dänn mit Lumière an Antwort
Und e heissi Hand druuf
Sogar d'Wanduhr, ganz cool
Setzt ihre ganz Verstand druuf
Dass i Lüüt beweg wie's heisse Sand tuet
Drum stand druuf oder häng
Schief im Schilf wie Bamboo
Ich Kung-Fu

Only got one night in town, get down or kick rocks
Cause the European championship 'bout to start
I got francs on the French, players on the bench
KTM men, only throw out when I'm bent
I'm a P.N.C. rider, Frequent Mile flyer
Down on my side, called me up, you want the fire
And I tour you through the hood, smoke a few backwoods
Show you that this ghetto livin shit all good

Y'all smoke weed over there?
All night, feel me
Söttsch d'Augering gseh
Y'all freakin bitches over there?
A-ha, immer
Wil ich wott no es paar Chinder
Y'all gettin money over there?
Ah - simmer?
Häsch mi nid gseh im Beamer?
Wild out in the streets over there?
Hey yo yo, wo sind er?
Luug mol, do simmer
Was bringt er?

Raw dawg, hardcore
Part peace, part war, spark four
Big dogs bark on, y'all, park brawls
Street brawls, bar fights, we war
Worldwide we tour
Shit we saw deep, paw
Can't sleep, paw
E.K.R./P.N.C. came far
I shine, you shine like stars
Drive like cars
Smif-n-Wessun, we are

360 Grad Radius
Du ghörsch eus in de Strass unde, a Radios
Euse Zahligsfluss isch immer stiigend
Au wänn's teil beniedet
Mir machet's für die wo's liebet
Mir sind no nig duss and schnurret nöd Stuss
Mit Tryrannosaurus Rexus oder Rap-Jungs
Und kleptomanieret die Beats bitzeli
Tandori-grillieret all die Chicken-Titties
Ich bi die uusglichni Balance
Zwüsched psychotisch chrank und absichtlich boshaft
In Prosa, mit de vokale Stosschraft
Vo uusgstorbne Nashorn-Arte wo-n-i da uf di loslah

Another trip abroad conquers Concorde
BK, we slay, trey-pound, y'all
Lay down law, a new sheriff round here
Get tore in a forrest, dare come around here
I'm a country nigga, don't take me for no bammer
When I say I use my hammer I ain't talkin 'bout no hammer
Smoke lye, E.K. me off please
Fuck 'puff, puff, pass', I roll dolo with trees


To the death
Get crushed by the bumrush tryin to step
Hit you where you rest, two in the chest
Die where you slept, probably the best
Matter of fact, def we the best
Leave you blessed with a rhyme or leave you stretched
Cowards can't step, we connecet with the ill dialect
TNS, all real, no special effects
Ya heard?

En so Arsch muesch do bewege wänn i rede
Richter-Skala, wird da nöd druuf gah, aber i wärd' bebbe, bebbe
Chasch's der überlege oder drunder schiebe
Bi wie n Undermieter mit em e tödleche Jungle-Fieber
Verhueschte da immer tödlechi Dschungel-Vire
Und spiele ungsungi, tödliche Lieder
???? bim Schieber
Wil dis gegenüber stört, min Name, nid dine
Wil I vinyle vom fine
Während sich teil wie ne Schlange hütet
Ich im Nostradamer am luüte
Wie-n-i spontan in Flamme ufgangne am Lüchter
Lüüt, ich brücht' e Pause
Mal eis rauche

You heard the chorus, ignore it if you choose
And at your funeral we see the bitch in you dudes
You know how we move, rep from Myrtle Avenue
Bein too hoggish, don't wanna share your food
See my dog Scrooge, with the big Ruges?
Knockin down gorillas, no matter how huge
So bring your rawest crew and your whores too
Y'all all a bunch of bitches we fittin to run through

Y'all smoke weed around here?
Let's get it poppin
Y'all freak bitches over here?
What you sayin, what?
Does y'all gettin money over here?
Wild out
Wilder than the streets over here
BK, what