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Confira a Letra Beware of strangers

Element Of Crime

Beware of strangers

Going with a stranger is a dangerous thing
for a pretty little girl of sixteen years like you
So keep your eyes open when they buy you a drink,
'cause drinking with a stranger is a dangerous thing

This town is full of young girls who didn't see the danger
of going with a stranger in the night
They lost their virginity from fear of being killed
And outside on the graveyard
you can visit those who died

Beware of strangers

And you, Mr. Stranger, keep your hands off this girl
and stop spending money on drinks for this little kid
I know your intentions, but you won't be successful
And if you want trouble
I come from where they make it

Now, my little baby, the stranger is gone
and we are alone in this bar
I'm also a stranger but there isn't any danger
So let's have a drink
I'll take you home with my car