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Confira a Letra Spasmodic Tango Of Woeful Madness

Elenium (Poland)

Spasmodic Tango Of Woeful Madness

Parental rhytm from human soul
Has stabbed my senses for long time.
It agonize my dignity
And i weep sometimes and swear.

Herds of black-eyed crows
Perceived my rite
So i don't know
How to kill my instincts,
How to be like other beasts.

Existence is urgent sheen,
Short piece of time,
Cord over desert.
It consists of bequests.
It's only symbol of progress.

Total act of creation
Has opened the gates
And crashed the crown.
Air is full of vibrations.
Gods dance tango of the death.

Royalties of my madness
Will be salvation
For my truth.
It will burn in holy fire.
Purification is my hope.

Black-eyed crows have flown away.
My loneliness sank in cold blood.
Now i am free, so i can fly
Where horned souls solidify.

I am the unique fire.
I am the unique grave.
I am the unique father,
Unique tribute of the sin.

I am worshiper.
I'm dark den,
Unique thorn on your way.
I'm murderer.
I'm devil,
Homeless spirit on the wind.

I'll regret procreation
Borned painfully in the slime.
I hate stench of cremation.
I'm your nightmare and your dream.

I am your oracle,.
I am your breath,
Mutilation and your end.
The ultimate incantation,
Unique efect of your prayers.