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Confira a Letra Psychotic Entrails

Elenium (Poland)

Psychotic Entrails

I gathered all the symbols
in the black pantheon
I'm spitting substances
created from them
hundreds of abstracts I'm signifying
with one language - scream
I curse all constellations
all my phantasmagories
I get growl out of depth
of my drunk thoughts

I inheritted deformity
I received it as a gift from humanity
fiery flower, thorny crown
take it - I gave plague out to you
not the promise of life
I gave out death, blessing
I gave out a dagger to you
equally for everyone
let everyone stop his heart
let it stop beating
silence, quiet and nothing
come, come to the chaotic dance

Dance rampant souls
till you fall in ecstasy
or you start vomit
new architecture of shades