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Confira a Letra Boom Boom Man

Elephant Man

Boom Boom Man

He Gives me good love that I'm sure of
Gives me good good good good love hey

My boom boom man a di champion man wid di boom boom flex check
My boom boom man a di champion man so big up yuh chest

(Verse 1)
Yes Home and away
Never go a stray
Nah buck shovel and im nah lay lay
Night and day no matter whe dem say
Ina fi mi crib u know mi man haffi stay
Champion rider pan di long distance
Have up im whip wid di good substance
A man nuh stand attractive dem nuh ready yet
Yuh nah get no bun so yu nu haffi fret

(Elephant Man)
Tell dem say bwoy like we deserve fi get Grammy
Find dem weak spot mek dem ina ecstacy
Slap dem hard mek dem vomit up bammy
De long till it bend dem hear say mi haffi
She love Elephant, Dandimite tan toddy
Two a dem mi seee all a fight fi Bounty
Anywhe we walk di gal dem say Dainty
A pure hat gal want paint we

(Repeat Chorus)

Double boom man got it going on
Work my body till the break o' dawn
Cause, he wants to keep on flowing
Till I can keep on throwing
It to him , feels so good
Help within ooh baby
Its no sin go baby gooo
Go baby hey hey

(Elephant Man)
Caan wok yu gal punk yu a go get fire
Remember Dainty Elephant man de ya
A we di gal dem want fi blaze up dem fire
Put dem in a ecstacy and mek dem temperature go higher...

My boom boom man a di champion man wid di boom boom flex check
My boom boom man a di champion man so big up yuh chest

(Repeat Verse 1 - Michelle only)

(Verse 2 - Elephant Man)
Well dem say bwoy like we nuh easy fi give up
9 inch or more, belly part a go stir up
Mek gal vomit up rum cream and syrup
Take her round a back pan her toe she a tip up
Madda right will you daughter just give up
Full a big talk and nutten deh fi go back up
Run to the bathroom bare tings she a puke up
Egg and toast dat di young gal a bring up
Mi nuh like lay dung mi like when she sit up
Dainty from birth mi a di best man she pick up
Michelle call mi phone fi a 7 o'clock pick up
Wow, cause she want her garden fi wet up