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Confira a Letra Elephant message

Elephant Man

Elephant message

A what kind of game dem gal over they so a play
Me nuh know what kind of pickney game that
Ring a ring a rosey a [ocket full of posey
Ash and ash and we all fell down

Ashes in the water, ashes in the sea
Shizzle mi nizzle di girls a die over we

Me and my crew got the whole city lock
Impress di gal dem with di style that we rock
Yuh nuh like nuh fassy make dem see lighter flash
Elephant message send this out ther

Verse 1:
Tiffany, want mi carry her ago Club Epiphany
A girls nught, and dem ago sick of me
Her man waan piece of me
Say him ago tum and fisa me
True mi have him girlfriend a kissa a mi
Dem can't get ridda mi
Mi liver, mi biver, mama deliver
Gal a Ocho and Dunns River mi
Fadda lord yuh inna mi
Thank you for di style wuh you give mi
Big up Seaview, Jungle, and Tivoli, whoa


Verse 2:
Talking about, see mi and my crew be rolling out
Money inna we pocket, have that x-amount
Can count, plus mi have mi own bank count
Dis me and my crew yuh get pronounce
Have mi name di station announce
Charge mi fi two counts, a murder
With dat tune di a bounce
Big up all players nuh punks, humm

Verse 3:
Carrie and Abbie, tell dem feh me in di lobby
Go a Hellshire, go nyam fry fish and bammy
Can't stand it, stop a Portmore, pick up Tammy
Bare gal mi have inna mi vannie
Marshall and Kurrupt, touch Asylum di place stir up
Inna mi mink coat well fur up
Bare gal a burr up
Watch dem a push and dem a shove up
Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up gal hurry up, shizzle


Repeat Verse 1