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Confira a Letra Wreck Of Who I Am

Elizabeth Huett

Wreck Of Who I Am

And the night’s awake
The days are breaking down
And the cold wind cries
But you don’t make a sound
All the times you learned
And the tries you burned
Won’t fade away
Just replay the same mistakes
Like chains that’ll never let you out

What would you think if you saw me?
All of the things you thought you would be
Now that the leaves have gone and drifted off and fallen from the tree
Ooh ooh ohh


And the tide is strong that keeps me from the land (from the land)
And i’m low on faith and i pray with shaky hands (shaking hands)
Well it hurts like hell tryna tell myself this ain’t the only thing that’s meant for me
Gotta piece back together the wreck of who i am

And what would you think if you saw me?
All of the things you thought you could be now that the ship is lost and drifting off and floating aimlessly
On an empty sea

Ahhhh ahhhhhhhh

And i know this road
It won’t lead me home
And i know i’ve gotta change
But i’m so far gone
I’d keep holding on
If i only had the strength

What do you think when you see me?
All of the things we dreamed i would be
When every battle lost
When all i’m not
Is all that you can see
Please don’t give up… on me
Don’t give up on me
Don’t give up