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Confira a Letra Langour in Caves

Embrace By Dark

Langour in Caves

Like the eyes of the sadness - deep and black
Staring with the malice of darkness into
The many-coloured abundance of the
Shallow lands and the blue sky
Their entrances count the years
Without ever being closed by the sleep
They elate the heart which isn't pounding,
In which there is no warmth

- The dark mysteries are over there

Underworld, time is a dream
The darkness speaks with the waterfall
Every voice repeated several times
Arraying tears along the wet arches
Arches engraved for a long time, arches of
Fingers with which the darkness creates
Roughness never touched
And traced out by day time shadows.

Here is the association with the mystery

Dark faces are anticipating
faces hidden among the arches
Ornaments veiled in darkness
The day has no name until the last dawn
Until the sky dies away
Like the first mourning before...