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Confira a Letra Amidst the Harmony of Darkness

Embrace By Dark

Amidst the Harmony of Darkness

With the coming of the light in the long ago sleeping open spaces
The peace of the souls was taken away - put in chains
The boundless "bottom" of the universe was burned down
And anguish had sprouted in the earth
So many burned souls were pushed away from the stream
Leading to harmony with the unseen
Strewing with every sunrise
The room of the entire dark harmony
Invisibly soaked in the old matter
Burning the secrets, erasing them to oblivion
As if sneaking in the calm sleep
Turning every stream to the other side into a bridge of fire
But the light will soon die out
Like a candle burning low
Drowned in its warm faces
And the make-up changes in the nights
Hidden under the colours
Colours clad in darkness
Despondent, the souls look intently around
And then fall asleep among them
But their sleep wouldn't last for a long time
Keeping the secrets - secrets about the dark
...And darkness will befall again...