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Confira a Letra Taken Down


Taken Down

"Open the door, open the door
I'm cold, let me in, I'm cold"
A whisper through the window I heard (open the door)
Inside my head, the words, they burned (I am forsaken)
A memory of a distant life (a long lost friend)
Is coming back like a sting of a knife (it cuts me deep)
Taken down are my shields of mud
Breaking walls I'm starting a flood

The morning dew is forming faces (I recognize)
Formed shapes the wind erases (she was forsaken)
Somewhere a flag is at half-mast (it flutters in the air)
The distance has grown so vast (dividing us)
Burning down are the bridges of lust
All comes down to an issue of trust
I lost her in this life (I know, I know)
She's waiting for me at the other side

"Why her? She was so young.
God, take me instead of her"
This is the day when all wear black (the funeral)
Memories of her childhood come back (she was forsaken)
A funeral of the darkest kind (a wicked night)
Is taking place in a single mind (intertwined)
Taken down are the hopes of God
Her life has come to an end in blood

Years go by and everything fades (but won't go away)
Except the how and the way it degrades (she was addicted)
Never will I forget the day (her last day)
I think about it when children pray (my nightmare)
Forget about all the sorrow and pain
She deserved it for being a shame