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Confira a Letra The Residue


The Residue

Beneath the surface
cascade the streams
Bleak, looming waters
clad in a sparkle
hide the unapparent

Wrestling the unseen
The undertow breeds suffocation
Contemplating letting go
As the drowned suffer no more

"Call of duty
A swift ending - revolt!
Rid the ridicule"

Witness the groundwork:
A mesh of his broken dreams
- wrecked, shattered, torn apart!
Lifeblood running dry

Searching redemption for all that you've done
Deserting all hope for the life yet to come

Wrestling the unseen
the undertow breeds suffocation

"Faulty doctrine
A reek of revolution
It'll start right here, right now!"

Disparage the elders
Cast shame upon our founding fathers
Expose the weakness in us all:
Muted cries of help lest others may know

Bitter is the residue of hate!

The beauty lies in poetry:
verses written, never heard

Bitter is the residue of hate
Sour the lingering of disdain
Blow by blow the world erodes
See the pieces wash ashore
A withering man at war no more

A deathbed for the wretched ones
In deafening silence we are one
with the world

Bitter is the residue of hate!