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Confira a Letra Reres Hill

Emily Smith

Reres Hill

Last year at Lady Mary's fair when I was in Dundee
I fell in with an old sweetheart and he being on a spree
His company I did accept and with him I did go
All to my sad misfortune for it proved my overthrow

We wandered east, we wandered west, we wandered round the Law
He said he'd take me home that night but home I never saw
He kept beside me all the while resolved to have his will
And by and by we lost our way at the back of Rare's Hill

For when we got to Rare's Hill, the laddie said to me
We can't go home tonight my dear, it's far to late you'll see
But the night is warm and in my pouch, I have another gill
So let us lay down here content, at the back of Rare's Hill

We had another nip a piece to quieten our alarms
When I awoke in the morning we were locked in each other's arms
He handed me the bottle, another glass to fill
And I drank his heath and store o' wealth, at the back of Rare's Hill

And then the lad he said to me, oh, lassie do not mourn
For while I have the breath of life, fae you I'll never turn
If you will come to yonder town, my wedded wife you'll be
We'll be the happiest couple t'was ever in Dundee

So it's may I never prosper, and may I never thrive
In anything I take in hand as long as I'm alive
If e'er I say I rue the day, my laddie had his will
Success to Lady May's fair, and the back of Rare's Hill

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