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Confira a Letra The Next Step to Regaining Control

Empire! Empire!

The Next Step to Regaining Control

I knew that you wouldn't change, but I bit my tongue and swore, resigned myself to carry on despite you.

But you would not match my stride and cried, "Foul! Foul! How could you expect me to care about somebody else?"

And after all, who would expect anything else from you?

You would not apologize for what claimed you'd never do.

You guard your hand like there is something brilliant waiting to play itself off.

And when you move to strike, everything will fall into place.

But I'll call your bluff. I know you're all talk.

And when the words come out

there will be nothing left but promises.

I wanted it to be different, to see truth where it did not fit.

But the harder I looked, the farther you seemed from it.

There is a cadence here, I guess, for every measured misstep.

I put one foot forward and you take two steps back.

So just say what you want.