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Confira a Letra Speechless

End Of The Spectrum


Say it like you mean it.
Say it like you always wanted to.
See me through the eyes of the unwanted.
Tell me you need me.
It always starts like this,
You look my way and the flash backs start again,
Start again, start it all over again.
Start again, start it all over again.

Start it again, Start it again.

Pretend that it'll last forever.
Just take a pill and see it through, see it through.
No one can get us while we're together,
No one can see me like you do.

Hold me tightly, You leave me breathless,
Begging for more you leave speechless.

This was an accident,
It wasn't meant to be this way,
But we'd have it no other way.

Hold me tightly you leave me breathless,
Begging more you leave speechless,
Take us back it's our little secret,
Running words, you didn't mean it.