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Confira a Letra Bitter Sweet Twist


Bitter Sweet Twist

I do feel this little rush inside my veins,
When you smile and lay your head on my shoulder.

Feel me now
As I don't know how
This desire turns to fire burning my eyes.

Your eyes reflect the world

And follow me!
We're going under storms
And I´ll hold you if you're scared
Through the fire,
We will find our own way.
So take my hand.

We need to show
To the world our caring way
Cause this love is not afraid to be pure.

Feel me now!
The way my heart breaks down
Cause I want it cause I need you, to feel this way.

Kiss kiss now, On her face on her lips
Feel feel now, This bitter sweet twist

Grab hold to this song, With your feet on the ground
Got to make it all last, Just gotta think fast..

Listen to these words
And say no more
Just feel this kiss
I bet you never heard a song like this.

Kiss kiss now