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Confira a Letra All Hope Universal


All Hope Universal

All Hope Universal
Complicated, seperated homes. Raised by guns. No one is seeing they're losing sight. Losing sight of freedom. Freedom! Decide if you're right. Hope died. Wrong. Over-rated, debt-inflated hole. Saved by guns. A soul receding with each passing sun, pass it off as freedom. Inside it seems, I'll have to lie for them, lie for life. I wouldn't take your life yet. Listen my son, I ate a secret, I'm a father without a child. I know, I know I'm falling, caught in the path of cancer's eye. So don't forget me now, remember where we came from, don't turn your back on me now. Here I am, a perfect contender for the game. So much faith in using nothing, bloodied hands holding on, I bow to your game. With my eyes, we'll watch you burn, ending the cycle. In my eyes, dust of Hope Universal.