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Confira a Letra Killing In The Month Of July


Killing In The Month Of July

Alone i stare at
The hallowed life
Accumulating in my hands.
Forever is just their
Passive word to describe
This unholy nothing
That's been left behind.
Forever to be left behind
For both weak and strong.
To drain of life and remember.
An empty act of remembrance
For my own selfishness.
Falling towards darkness
Never came quite this easily.
So at this time i keep it
Close and hold it for
What it is worth.
Seasons of joy i
Beg for your return,
Your return to invoke my collapse.
I beg for your patience,
I beg for your ever-insuring guidance.
But leave her angelic tone behind
So that i may still stumble
On these broken knees.
Love is spoken with such jealous disgust.
All in hope for the comfort
Of a pale hand to caress these
Lonesome and solace eyes.
For only seven nights
I lived with the stars,
In seven night i watched them fade away.
A burning past i will abandon
To just live with relief,
But with three chosen word
I slit my own throat.