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Confira a Letra Silently Choking On Her Regret


Silently Choking On Her Regret

A tragedy that was
Years in the making.
Deliver me no forgiveness
Because again i delivered
The unforgivable.
How quick we were to bury
Ourselves in love and how
Quick i was to fade to farewell.
In days to come ask me for nothing,
For all i have to give is the dirt
That fills my mouth and these eyes
That have been drained of all emotion.
Every day is one more chance to
Remember and to stare alone into
This tomb i've dug for two.
But i fill the negative space
With my broken promises
And my shallow soul.
A timeless moment i
Wish to never return.
And still how false are these
Cracks i show upon my face.
One million dying smiles in
Exchange for one million
Infected days is the price
I would pay to restore your trust.
Things i know that this diseased
Body will never achieve are now
The only things i live for,
But in the end all my empty
Attempts for happiness tend
To come up short,
So i infect and mutilate this
Body and part ways with this life.
For if i only knew that we were to
Live and die with regret i would
Have done away with
This blessing of life.
That kiss to your brow was goodbye forever.