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Confira a Letra Walk With Me


Walk With Me

In the black, shapes of unknown line aments
A fucker of fore coming my way, a spark of the death
Sun is set, time is for me, the ascent
Fantastic are the terros, my cold breath

Deep into that darkness seeing cracks in time for me
Feel the night's ghost gently peering in at what's to be
Dreadful are the actions, mercilessly begun
As I remain, I am touched by the devilish one
Fire, walk with me!

Feel the terrors
The reek of virtue's sour smell
There are ways to make it through
There are ways for me and you
Grasp of darkness dwells
Time has come for me
To meet my shadow self

Resembling nothing I've ever seen before
Standing tall among giants yet forlorn
The biting cold of this crimson nightmare's grip
Is tearing at my strength, my soul will rip

The dweller on the threshold time reflection of the soil
Slipping into the deadness of this mighty black hole
Final chance now to set my spirit free
I say "fire, fire, fire walk with me!"

Now I've come to terms that fear is the key
A dance now in the moonlight the circle of sycamore trees

"Through the darkness of future past the magician longs to see
One chants out between two worlds 'Fire walk with me!'"