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Confira a Letra Below The Slumber


Below The Slumber

A trembling ride down under
On a cloudy lane
All logical directions
Will swerve away
A foggy haze
In a mental maze
Escape the cold intrusion
Of the upper world

I stand alone beneath the hollow
The senses will follow
Euphoric states are taking turns
The surface will burn
A sence of disturbance
Between the walls of consciousness
I am trapped alone beneath the thunder
The gates will close
Below the slumber

I stand below the earthly
In the blackened ground
The astral world's mechanics
Now make no sound
The beating clocks from reality
Recalls the subsistence
All the way down here

There's too much to unveil
In constructions of the sleep
A sentiment of fright
The dream has gone too deep

Whatever it may take
It might not be too late
To capture the control
And return to be awake

A trembling ride down under
On a cloudy lane
I stand below the slumber
For all time to come