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Confira a Letra Disappointed

Enola Gay


I remember my father told me
About good things in life
My mother showed me how to reach for the sky
They predicted me a great time to come
And what the future has in store for me

But now I know it is not so easy
To walk through this world
Senseless jobs early in the morning
Just to survive
How can I understand the message from you
Your kind of future won't come true

I don't listen not you - I will walk my own way
My life is now - yours yesterday

This is my life, disappointed
Don't wanna hear your lies I know the truth

I dreamed of you, I dreamed of me
I dreamed a thousand times, there's nothing left
To say - forgive me
Please believe me, I will show you
That I really know which way to go,
Independence is not only a word