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Confira a Letra Psycho Lover

Enola Gay

Psycho Lover

My weakness is my faith, I love that little girls
I can't stand that sweet temptation, my demand still grows

I give them all my love, I give them all my tenderness
they still ignore my worship at all
If they don't want we, I just have to take
what belongs to me

I heard them crying, the devil talks to me
he is my lord and I'm just the hodman
please don't ask me you know I'm liar
desecrate her

Psycho Lover - Beware that evil man
Psycho Lover - never shake his hand
he just wanna bleed you
and he's gonna kill you
Psycho Lover - hope that you'll never cross his way
they would tell what happened to somebody else
that's why I have to do it, there's no escape

They really had a chance, I reached them both of my hands
They even don't like me
I never would give her up, so that's why I can't stop
to do what I just have to do