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Confira a Letra Curse The Abyss Part II


Curse The Abyss Part II

I'm falling into black oblivion
Blood pours from my veins like rivers
Rivers flowing into the sea
Dark clouds hang over my soul
I scream out as I fall into desolation
One last shriek

Despair in my subconscious
I forget the day and rape the bleak night
Infinite darkness rains down upon the human race
The superior stand tall as the weak are trampled into dust
Look into the abyss and see yourself
Cruel, vile, merciless

Winds of genocide
Take away my being
My soul is entwined in all that is madness
Dripping blood down from the sky
Rained upon by essence
Mass exodus
I will forever curse the abyss
Drowning in solitude in the abyss
I become forgotten in the abyss

… in the abyss