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Confira a Letra Buried In The Night

Ephemeral Existence

Buried In The Night

Where has the day gone?
Wasting its precious honor and then resenting the fact
I watched it fall, without effort, to the west, over the hills, and into the shadows
Its nature seemed not to care

Giving its will to the forth coming moon
As if aware that the night would falter to the sun
Over and over
Never fluctuation in this repetition

Further and further into the night
The sky seemed to shine brighter than any other time
The cold chill had settled, freezing my breath
As frost formed on the heartless lands

Watching the snowfall bury it all along with my emotions
A sense of apathy, which covers the soul

Life's warmth escaped
And left the earth, as did the last light
A discontent spirit dreams beneath the living
And possesses my desire

Frozen hands dig in the snow
And suddenly I feel the overwhelming cold
Sanctuary is here
Beneath the earthen surface
Exposure slowly coagulates the blood
Until the heart pumps nothing but ice