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Confira a Letra Beyond The Burning Horizon

Ephemeral Existence

Beyond The Burning Horizon

Twisting the rope around the neck, tighter
Snapping the mental spine, shattered integrity
Entwining the spirit within, strangled from the inside
Left with an eternity of absence, understood and despised

The shell of my being portrays this nothingness
Permanently etched painfully regardless
So close to the beginning yet already confirmed
Rendered useless all that I have learned

Like a black could cast upon us
This is what we've done to ourselves
Poisoning our minds with visions
Of a perfect world to live in

When we reach the end of our time
Only very few will survive
Dimensions of our past suspended
Forever conceived by the chosen

Provoking the end, cleansing day arrives
Propagating death, so we can survive
Regressing to the ways, of the ancient days
Kingdoms shall arise, splendor never seen before

Once it's all complete, the world will be pure
All the filth and hatred, we have found the cure
Technology has survived, for the benefit of mankind
Extinction will be decided by the cosmos

Beyond The Burning Horizon