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Confira a Letra Window With a View

Ephraim Lewis

Window With a View

Sometimes I'm Caught in a Struggle
But You Go Straight to the Hurt
Before I Call Out Your Name
I Find Your Mercy Is Already At Work

Where Could I Hide From Your Spirit
Why Should I Run From Your Love
For You've Walked My Heart
Every Secret Part
There's Nothing I Can Cover Up
No There's Nothing I Can Cover Up

Through Your Window With a View
Straight Into My Soul
Nothing in Creation
Is Hidden From Your Window With a View
How Else Could You Know What We're Going Through
There Is no Mystery to You
You've Got a Window
A Window With a View

So Many Times I Have Questioned
In Moments of My Despair
Is Someone Watching This Wrold
And Is There Really Anybody Who Cares

But I Have Reached a Conclusion
Why Should I Have Any Doubt
For the Part of Me no One Knows Or Sees
You've Already Figured Out
You've Already Figured Out

Repeat Chorus

Now I Can Draw the Shutters
Try to Hide Behind the Pain
Live Beneath the Covers
But There Is Nothing That Can Keep You Away, Away

Repeat Chorus