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Confira a Letra Inner Death


Inner Death

Endless pain! That fills your heart! You look inside, your soul!
All you find and all you see, is another big black hole
You bury your face in your hands, you scream because you hate!

You! Start to cry!
You! Want to die!
Here he comes, it's too late!

Eat your flesh and peel your skin!

Eat your flesh and peel your skin! The line of life is thin!
The inner death is coming! He devours your guts!

Don't understand, what's going on!
Solutions, you try to find!
But there's no answer, you look around!
Inner deaths you are counting!
This revelation, makes you sick!
Helpless and despaired!

Worms that crawl inside your stomach!
In your thoughts you are scared!
Chests are bursting!
He devours your guts!

The inner death! He's coming, and devours your guts!
There's no escape, from the inner death!
Now watch him rise!

Fear, pain, loss, hate
The inner death is rising!
There is more than meets the eye!
The inner death from deep inside!