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Confira a Letra Society

Frightening voices calling out my name
Something's pushing and grabbing after me
Around tight corners in between
I'm lying
As I try to scream

So I grow up
With a view, no-one had before

I see society
I see the misery

And so I wake up
With hate in my core

I see society
And I see memories
Of the death

I am a child
With the age of twelve
Start consuming nicotine for my own health
I am a teenie, I am sixteen
Start taking drugs now
Cause I can't find another way to escape
The mist of idiocy
Makes them all blind
The dust in their souls is eating through their minds
I'm getting older
And all I see
Are Mindless zombies
Taking pills on the streets
Out of hatred
I'd like to quit
Cuz look at our society, It's a piece of shit

There's no worth
For the truth
Because no-one cares

There's no hope
For all
Just look at yourselves!


No voice, no choice, but giving up
But please, stop haunting, let me out
What are they doing to me?
And I realize, as I start to breathe
To breathe