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Confira a Letra Bad Omen

Epping Forest

Bad Omen

Balder my son, a mistake I made.
I gave Loki the name of the tree he needs:
Mistletoe! It spears you to the grave.
Oh, what have I done to you, Good Seed?

What have I done, Balder?

(Aeons ago)

A bad omen I foresee,
in all my dreams
Quite disturbing they are,
and quite real
But things are not what they always seem
Are those true, Aesir? The ones I really feel?

I'm jealous, so what? He has everything I don't!
Make him suffer then kill him,
is all I want.
Secretly I must act and not be seen!

- Hord, show them honour, throw this twig at him!

(Balder falls)

For Balder's return, everyone must weep. Everyone!

And all had wept so deep, All but Thokk:
The sentence of Balder's Sleep.

Oh, Ragnarok is near, the world's demise
With Balder, a new world shall arise