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Confira a Letra Merging Of Body And Soul

Epping Forest

Merging Of Body And Soul

And when I am in Khert-Neter
They shall merge my body and soul
But first I must hail thee, god Pehreri
Who duellest in the great God Sun

My soul may come to me,
from any place where it may be
I shall not lie dead
amongst those who lie down on the land
Wherein lost bodies and souls
desperately give their hands

Osiris Ani, whose word is the truth, evokes you
Gods who tow along the boat of the
lord of a million years
May his Ba-Soul not perish nor be destroyed
For ever and ever, and take up his Spirit-Body

Hail thee, god Aniu
Hail thee, god Pehreri

Let my soul be brought unto me
from any place wherein it may be
Let me hold possession of my Ba-Soul
and my Spirit-Body
Let them see each other, and dance together as one