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Confira a Letra Under The Wings Of Thanatos


Under The Wings Of Thanatos

Born from the black destructive night
The rays of sun never reaches him
His merciless heart and blackened soul
Takes lifes with no remorse

The servant of hades was born
From erevos and mysterious night
He begins his great journey
Along with his servants the illness,
the tyrants, the war!

"I always live to the demolished thrones, to the burning flags, to the fallen crowns.
I always live to the merciless slaughters, to the wars and to the fallen empires!"

I cannot see into your soul, I cannot hear your cries
Do not beg for mercy, I cannot hear you
I don't care nor for you, nor for your families, nor for your friends
It is time to take you with me, under the earth, to hades
Where the dead are forever whipping and the alive can never listen, but they can always wait for their time...