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Confira a Letra Food Chain

Eric Hutchinson

Food Chain

don't let this affect the game
every five months we act the same
but I never get used
to putting you off
and no one could've scripted
this who knows what'll come of it
i refuse to believe
it was all just a waste

cause look around
everybody's on the food chain
funny but from day to day
we get bottom to top
and if you get lost you
start over again
but we don't ever get
to no we don't ever get to stop

i wake up in the oblivious state
go to sleep trying to save some face
cause i've never been one for acting naïve
and so what we've got nothing to prove
why on earth would we soften the mood
do we think that this wire
is better left live

i would've known better
if i was on the outside
i would've known better
if i was on the outside
looking in looking in
but this chain just eats away
at the people who use it
no ones gonna say
that it's easier losing
touch with who we need
when it's lonlier on the outside


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