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Confira a Letra This Time

Erick Macek

This Time

I, i am widdling in your breath this time
Cause you, you're just playing me like a fool again
And you say that you wanna be my friend
And you say that you just wanna be my friend

And i, i am wondering what you're thinking
And you, you're free like a bird in the city
Cause i, i am falling all over again (for you)
And i, i thought you would be careful (this time)
But you are so selfish, believe it or not
And i know, you are so selfish, whether you believe it or not

Well i, i've got a half of mind to tell you
But i got a full mind to tell you that i still care
But i know you won't be there in the morning
Yes i know, you won't be there in the morning

Don't you think there is something between us
What do you expect me to feel
Cause i've just about had enough...of you (this time)

And i, i should realize you'll never be my girl
Cause you, you just pull me on a string
And i wish you would just realize
And i wish you could just realize