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Confira a Letra Only Failure

Erick Macek

Only Failure

a dark cloud surrounds us,
but when will the sun shine through
only failure seems to follow
but it's time to change that too

well brothers, brothers hear me
you've always been by my side
i know i am sporadic
but please forgive my mind
they say that bad things come in threes
well we're at four or five
but i know if we stick together
our luck will change in time

and my concern to me
is only failure
cause it dawned on me...that
we're fading fast
and with hope to hang on to
i'm not a big fan
but please remember
(brothers|father|mother) "i love you"

well father you support me
and you look up to me know
but even as a child
i was the apple in your eye

it's time to fight through this thing
and make the future last
cause so much lies up ahead, up ahead
and i will make the best of it somehow

well mother please forgive me
for i know not what i do
and as for all the things you taught me
i want to prove myself to you
i know that i've been scolded
maybe one too many times
but i know it was for my own good
cause look what i'm doing now