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Confira a Letra Alive

Erick Macek


Well, I'm a whiskey drinkin' fool
From the eastern states
And everybody tell me that
I will be ok

I'm just a simple livin' man
With a burnin' desire
So come on over baby
Let me light your fire

Well, I'm a speakin' kinda speaker
And I speak my words
I'm to the point, I'm to the beat
A bit of everything

I've got that in your face thing going on
But don't be worried baby
Gonna sing my song

And I, I'm so alive
And I, I'm so alive

But I've established in this world
This thing called love
So all my people in this place
Throw your hands above

Well don't be mad if
I come across as I please
Cause all your wining and your
Lying makes my ears just bleed

Cause what most people
Don't understand
Is that I live my life
Any way I can